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Watch the Official Music Video for "Hold Your Head Up High"


Warped Tour 2014! I need YOUR Help!


So this is the site you go to Vote for me to play Warped Tour 2014! PLEASE GO AND CLICK THE VOTE BUTTON!

Check out the Official Music Video Trailer for "Hold Your Head Up High"


Watch Randall Rahn talk about playing Acoustic Music again, His upcoming show at the House of Blues


STREAM "Remember Me" FREE right now!


Listen to "Remember Me" the entire album FREE! Including 11 Acoustic Tracks + a Bonus Track entitled "Repeat" at the end!



New Video of Randy singing "I'm Not Ready" + Update!


Randy Romance of November Blessing performs a song called "I'm Not Ready" off of his newest album "Remember Me" that released on Feb 7th, 2013! He also Updates you on how to purchase the album yourself!

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Order Your Physical Copy of REMEMBER ME Now!


Hey everyone!

Get your physical copy of "REMEMBER ME" right now! Click the store button at the top of the screen or visit to make your order now!

The New Merch is Coming!


What's up guys,


   The New Merch is COMING SOON! The first items that will be in will be The November Night Owl Tee & Physical copies of the new album "REMEMBER ME" ready to be sent to YOU anywhere in the world! I am super excited to get them in and I know you all will love the new stuff! This is just the beginning of what's to come! 

Thank you all! 


- Randy Romance of NB

The New Album "REMEMBER ME" Out Now!


Hey guys! 


         The New Album "REMEMBER ME" is out now on iTunes & Online Everywhere! The album has 12 tracks including a Bonus Track called "Repeat" which is a bit different from the rest of the album. The album is mostly acoustic and is definitely one of my favorite NB records yet! It's Catchy, Energetic, Inspiring, Emotional, and an all in all must have so go download it right now! I love you all and thank you for all the support you have shown NB! 






- Randy Romance of NB

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