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When I first heard you sing at Del Norte High School I fell in love with your voice and music. You are so talented! Keep doing you!!
I’ve been listening To your music for YEARS. Back in middle school keep up the great work!
I’ve been listening To your music for YEARS. Back in middle school keep up the great work!
Hi Randall its @vanitysgomez from twitter just wanted to say that you're so talented, I'm loving your music and I hope you continue making music for a long time
I've only loved your music since middle school like 8 years ago. I hope you release and album set with all of your songs. I'd love to have it. <3
I didn't hear your music until like a couple of months ago.I found you under the name NovemberBlessing. Then I was wondering what your real name was but I forgot to look it up later (sorry). Then randomly Thanks a lot was playing on my playlist and it reminded me to look who you were up.I just found your page today right when you released your ep.It was perfect timing I've just been sitting hear listening to it. I love you and your music your amazing and thank you so much. Sorry that this was so long =)
Randall, I also wanted to say that I love your song "Patience". I could totally relate to it, like a lot... so thanks for that song, and most of all thanks for your music and for being you! P.S. please hit me up on twitter @kaeshak252
I love, love, love your music soooo much Randall! You're the best ever!! ;)
Your music is the best that i've ever heard
Randall, you are an amazing singer! love the music!
Randall !!!! Your the best you make such awesome music I love you sooo Much !!!... I'm a big supporter of your music (: keep up the good work Love you man ! (:
Randy, you are so unbelievably breath taking & talented.. you definitely have a gift :) you r voice is like an angel, never stop singing ♥
there's a guy talking to me on skype right now, pretending to be you. you're awesome though.
You're Amazing! i know if you keep it up you'll get real big one day! // btw welcome to finland (wtf)
You're amazing! I love your music and you so much! Hope someday to see you in Lithuania!
Randy, you're so adorable and your voice is amazing. I hope see you in Brazil sometime. <3
I have been listening to you since 2007 and your music just keeps getting better and better! You got me through some of the hardest times of my life and I am so thankful for discovering you! Please come to Chain Reaction here in Anaheim! <3 Love you!
Randy love your voice its so soothing. I can listen to you on repeat all day. I love "LOVE" truly a beautiful song.
your music has inspired me to do so much with my own music. i hope that one day i can be as good as you. never give up. you're amazing :)
your awesome I love your music. Good luck with the new songs.
your words truly speak to me. so emotional and heart touching. thank you for being awesome. keep up the acoustic songs <3
I've been listening to your music for a while now. It's amazing and I love it. Breaking In always makes me cry my eyes out :)
Listening to 'Remember Me' and it's so amazing! You have done it again babe! We love you very much and will forever support your beautiful talent and dream! xoxo
Randy, you're amazingly talented. Since the start you've always inspired me in so many ways. Your lyrics seem to always fit a special moment of my life. Keep doing what you're doing, you're great. & great job on your new album. It's incredible!

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